Do you love the smell of clean laundry??? Dirty Laundry is a play on words of course!!!

If you love the smell of Downy April Fresh, this will be your favorite!! 


Note Profile:
Top: Citrus
Middle: jasmine, violet, rose
Base: cedar, sandalwood, musk

6.5 Candle 
Burn Time: 25 hours

Candle Care Tips:
*when candles are initially purchased, we ensure your wicks are cut to a safe size!
*please cut your wick each  burn to 1/4"!
*the initial burn should be around 2-3 hours. wax has memory which means the initial burn is essential!
*our candles smell amazing However wax is not edible!
*please...please don't leave your candle(s) burning more than 4 hours (each use)!
*keep out of reach of children and pets!
*discontinue candle when only1/2" of wax remains!


Dirty Laundry (Dryer Sheets)